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The Basics of Estate Planning and Securing Your Financial Future

What happens to an estate worth millions of dollars that suddenly finds itself up in the air, without an owner or beneficiary? A lot! Family feuds. Lawsuits. Internal chaos. Most people don’t begin to talk about or think about estate planning when they are at the height of their professional careers. It does happen, however,

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The Importance of Personal and Business Financial Planning

Henry David Thoreau—the beloved American essayist known for his love of nature and simple living—once said, “Wealth is the ability to fully experience life.” This can be read in two ways, and there is certainly some truth to both. Money is a mysterious thing. By itself, it doesn’t induce happiness, but it can allow for

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a young couple sitting at their kitchen table looking over personal finances

Money-Saving Tips For Your Personal Finances

As coronavirus cases continue to soar in the United States and millions remain without jobs or income, economic analysts are certain that a depression is on the way. Not just any depression, though—some economists predict that the upcoming depression will be as bad or even worse than The Great Depression of the 30s. What that

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8 Tips For Navigating Stormy Times With Your Business

The coronavirus pandemic continues to force the global economy to change and adjust, with many small businesses getting caught in the fray. For small business owners across America, times are tough and the future seems rocky and uncertain. In the face of this virus, there are ways that you can put your business in the

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Small Business Red Flags: Tips To Avoid An Audit

In addition to all the normal stressors of owning and maintaining a small business, the prospect of being audited simply adds to that stress. That stress is sometimes warranted—audits can lead to paying substantial fines or even prison time for those held responsible.  The best way to avoid extra fines and jail time is to

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