CPA Services For Individuals

Personal finance has never been more complicated. Keeping up with the present while planning for the future can be hard, which is why Sovereign CPA offers a full suite of services for individuals. Whether you need help for tax season or want to plan for life after you, our team of experts can help!

Our Services For Individuals

  • Income tax planning & compliance
  • Single & multi-state income tax returns
  • Estate and gift tax planning 
  • Ad valorem returns 
  • Personal financial statements 
  • Life planning 
  • Succession planning 
  • Wealth transfer
Don’t see the service you need? Give us a call to see if we can still help! 

How Our Services Can Help You

CPA firms are normally associated with businesses or very wealthy individuals, but our services can help almost anyone. Our services are structured so almost every kind of client can benefit from the work we do. 

We can help clients keep up with changing tax laws and regulations, improve credit/debt, make investment decisions, and more. Planning for big life changes like retirement, college, a new business, home ownership, and more can be advised by our CPAs. Other situations that our firm can help with include:

  • Back taxes
  • Real estate ownership
  • Large gifts 
  • Inheritance management
  • Self-employment
  • Multiple sources of Income 
  • High yearly earnings

Our firm specializes in improving the finances of all of our clients and helping them reach their goals. If you have financial plans, our team can help you along the way. 

Contact Us Today To Master Your Finances

Sovereign CPA is Birmingham’s most experienced and client-focused firm. We help individuals make the most of their finances daily, and will continue to provide excellent services as we grow. Contact us today to get started with us! 

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