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5 Tax Tips Every Small Business Owner Should Know in 2022

In addition to the day-to-day hustle and operations, small business owners must contend with the convoluted web of IRS regulations and requirements to ensure compliance and good standing.  Embedded within the web of IRS regulations are plenty of business credits and deductions that can benefit the small business owner, but they are not always clear-cut

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Top 3 Tax Compliance Issues for Corporations & Small Businesses

America runs on the work ethic, innovation, and persistence of business owners and leaders who propel ideas forward. Running a business is hard work, and tax season adds a lot of tension as businesses must ensure accuracy and compliance with the complicated tax rules. For smaller businesses, in particular, the tax code can place a

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Restaurant owner turning the Open sign around

Accounting Services for Service Industries and Restaurants in 2021

Every business needs to keep track of its financial information—whether it’s profits, expenditures, wages, and other necessary data to maintain financial order. Good accounting tells a true story of your business’s financial state; it helps with understanding where you stand and helps projections for the future. Sovereign CPA works with small businesses across all industries.

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