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Tax Preparation for Individuals, Small Businesses, and Large Corporations

Getting your taxes sorted can be quite the task. It doesn’t matter if you’re a single individual or the head of a multi-national conglomerate, tax services always come in handy. As the best accounting firm in Birmingham, Sovereign CPA is fully focused and committed on taking the complexity out of income tax compliance prep for our clients. Our top, highly-reviewed advisors and consultants know taxes like no other local firm, ensuring you have a smooth experience.

As a certified team of consultants, Sovereign CPA understands what it takes to overcome any challenge. Our services are tailored for small businesses, large corporations, and individuals alike. It doesn’t matter how complex or superficial your tax issues may be, our company is here to help. Don’t just take our word for it; check out these reviews from our happy clients.

If you’re in need of top-notch tax preparation and customer service, contact Sovereign CPA!

Tax Compliance Through CPA Expertise

Tax compliance is all about filing correctly according to tax guidelines and laws. Local, state, and federal guidelines dictate how an individual or business has to file taxes. Mistakes in filing can result in large fines or even prison time if the mistakes are egregious. 

Our CPAs have spent decades perfecting their knowledge of tax regulations, providing clients with accurate filing services and advice. We maximize the deductions and savings our clients can receive while remaining accurate and compliant with regulations. We also educate clients on tax planning techniques, allowing them to stay one step ahead and plan for future success.

Our Services for Businesses and Individuals

  • Income tax planning & compliance – We help businesses file taxes accurately, understand tax liabilities, and know what to expect when filing. 
  • Corporations – Tax-specific services for corporations
  • Individuals – Tax-specific services for individuals
  • Pass-through entities – Tax planning and compliance for sole proprietorships, partnerships, and S corporations
  • Multi-state income tax returns – Tax return expertise for individual and business multi-state returns
  • Ad valorem returns – Value-based tax return support and assistance
  • Estate, fiduciary, and gift tax returns – Tax support for special circumstances like estate, fiduciary, and gift taxes
  • Non-profit tax returns – Tax services for non-profit organizations
Sovereign’s experienced staff boasts over 100 collective years of experience in serving the public’s accounting needs. To contact one of us, please see our contact form or reach out to any team member via the email or telephone extensions listed below.

Who We Can Help

Sovereign CPA has worked with all kinds of clients, from individuals to large corporations. We work with any and all clients to maximize their tax success. If you have a tax problem, our firm will have a solution. Our CPAs are experienced in all areas of tax regulation, compliance, and planning. If you’re not sure if we can help, simply give a call or stop by our office for more information.
Tax Services Advisors

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Taxes can be complicated, but we make it easy. Contact us today to get expert tax filing, compliance, and planning services! 

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