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Sovereign CPA now offers life planning for clients looking to set up their finances and assets for retirement. Finances later in life can look markedly different in prior years, so we help clients plan and prepare for that stage of life. Our staff would be happy to help you set up your finances to live comfortably and reach your goals later in life. 

What Is Life Planning?

Life planning is the process of developing financial and life plans for retirement and late-life. Finances late in life can present their own set of challenges, like medical expenses, life adjustments, unemployment, and more. Often, people underestimate how much capital and planning they will need to retire, which causes hardship late in life. Our services take into account all of these factors and charts a realistic plan for clients to reach their goals and live comfortably. 

Is Life Planning Different From Estate Planning?

Life planning is simply a process for planning the later years in life. Estate planning, by contrast, determines the beneficiaries of an estate after the owner has passed. Life and estate planning are often done at the same time, so there is a clear financial plan for retirement life and after. 

Interested in life planning, estate planning, or both? Contact us today to get started!

How You Can Benefit From Life Planning

Creating a concrete life plan can help guide your investments, assets, and decisions. Contingency plans can be created in the event that something unexpected should happen. A life plan can also be shared with family and friends, so they are aware of your goals and intentions. Our life planning services can help advise customers on a number of topics, like:

  • Investments 
  • Retirement
  • Life Insurance
  • Retirement accounts 
  • Future expenses (medical, mortgage, etc.)
  • Liabilities
  • Power of attorney

Missing just one of these important factors can derail retirement plans and inadvertently drain finances. Our CPAs will leave no stone unturned when determining your best course of action for retirement.  

Who We Can Help

Life planning is often associated with the older generation or those with disabilities, but this service can be beneficial no matter the stage in life. We help clients in of all ages identify their life goals and develop a financial plan to achieve them. Regardless of your age or financial situation, our team can help you create your ideal life plan.

Why Choose Sovereign For Your Life Planning

At Sovereign CPA, we pride ourselves on a commitment to our clients through strong values and relationships. Since we deal with sensitive subjects, we do our best to cultivate comfortable, successful relationships based in trust, integrity, and accountability. Our CPAs have over 100 years of combined experience, meaning you can receive the very best financial advice and services from our firm. Our life planning is long-term, meaning we can help you amend and change the plan as life changes and develops. 

Great life planning can benefit you and the family and friends supporting you. Let Sovereign CPA help you reach your goals!

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