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Sovereign CPA Group, LLC offers comprehensive, expert financial audits supported by our CPAs and in-house team of auditors. Our staff uses decades of education and experience to provide thorough audits and finance reports to our clients. If your business is in need of auditing services you can trust, Sovereign CPA can help!

What Is A Financial Audit?

A financial audit is an evaluation of financial statements and records to ensure that they are accurate. It is the highest form of financial assurance accountants can offer, followed by reviews and compilations. Businesses often conduct internal audits, but they can be subject to tampering or a lack of expertise. Sovereign CPA offers thorough, expert financial audits to give business owners a clear view of their business’ finances and transactions. Audits can provide invaluable information about a business, and we cherish our role in promoting successful businesses through top-notch auditing services. 

Why Your Business Needs An Audit

Audits have a great number of benefits, both tangible and intangible. Perhaps the most important benefits are a reassurance of internal accounting and a comprehensive overview of a business’ finances. Audits allow business owners to see how assets are situated within the company and can inform decisions moving forward. Depending on the size of your business, an external audit may be one of the keys to identifying growth opportunities that may have otherwise been hidden. 

Financial audits are also great for improving the reputation and value of your company. Investors, banks, insurance companies, and other groups that notice regular audits are more likely to deem your company as trustworthy and low-risk. Audits can, in some cases, even raise the valuation of a company, which helps in selling, mergers, loans, and other business operations. Companies that plan on going through an IPO will also be required to have an audit. 

Other reasons to have an audit conducted are:

• Investigating wrongdoing/fraud

• Improve credit rating

• Foster accountability

• Increase efficiency

• Plan future business decisions

• Internal control analysis

Audits are a good barometer for the health and operation of your business, like a doctor’s appointment. Our staff of CPAs and auditors bring world-class expertise and dedication to the craft of auditing! 

Our Auditing Services

Our full list of accounting and auditing services include:

Financial statement audits – Examination of financial statements and disclosures

Compilation & review engagements – Analysis of reviews and compilations for accuracy

Agreed-upon procedures – Audits on specific business processes and tests

Bookkeeping services – Detailed, reliable financial transaction recording

Employee benefit plan audits (ERISA) – Ensuring adherence to ERISA guidelines

Internal control studies – Assessments of financial and accounting procedures

We offer a full range of services to help you get a better picture of your business operations. If you don’t see a specific service you need, feel free to give us a call or visit our office to see how we can help! 

Clients We Can Help

Financial audits can be helpful for any business, with larger and more complex businesses benefiting more from the service. Clients with large amounts of expenditure, assets, debt, and personnel should also have regular audits conducted. Businesses planning sizable business decisions like a closure, merger, or acquisition could benefit from one or several audits. However, it’s important to stress than any business looking for a complete picture of their finances and to optimize their operations should look into having an external audit. If you’re not sure if your business needs an audit, our accountants and auditors can help advise you. 

How Our Financial Audits Are Different

Financial audits are one of the most important aspects of a business’ finances. We understand how crucial they can be to success, so we use our expertise to provide the best possible services for our clients. The more thorough our audits, the more confidence our clients can have in making decisions that guide their business. 

Like all of our other services, we lean on our core values and ethics to ensure clients receive results they need. The backbone of our firm are values like trust, integrity, accountability, and cherishing relationships. Over the years, we’ve become the firm of choice of businesses large and small, and will continue to generate strong relationships with our customers. 

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Choose Sovereign CPA For Your Audit!

Looking for a CPA firm to provide a thorough, detailed audit of your business? Choose Sovereign CPA! Our team has a proven track record of excellence, and would love to start working with your business today! Contact us to learn more.

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